Electric propulsion systems

Features of the electric propulsion system

  • Smaller total output.
  • Ideal generator load balance can be achieved.
  • In-ship system is simplified.
  • Arrangement of equipment can be designed freely allowing for a wide cargo space.
  • Ship manoeuvrability is improved by high torque at low speed navigation.
  • Comfort is improved due to low vibration and low noise.

Comparison of an electric propulsion ship (8,444G/T, cement carrying vessel) and an existing ship

Electric propulsion ship Existing ship
Main engine 4,260kWm × 1 unit
Propulsion motor 2 units
For generator 1,600kWe × 3 units 1,600kWe × 1 unit
800kWe × 1 unit 660kWe × 2 unit
Emergency engine for generator 250kWe × 1 unit 250kWe × 1 unit
Total output 5,850kWe (6,285kWm) 5,4,260kWm + 3,170kWe(3,425kWm)
= 7,685kWm
Designed speed of ship Approx. 13 knot Approx. 13 knot